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Here's How you can Protect Your Workplace from COVID-19

With CARPHA upgrading the risk of COVID-19 in the Caribbean to “very high” we are all expected to do our part to ensure that our high traffic and staff areas are safe for business continuity. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended Cleaning and disinfection of the air column and high touch areas using hospital grade disinfectants.

Would you like to have your work stations and customer areas sanitized daily to ensure that your team members and customers feel comfortable at your establishment?

Are you aware that productivity will increase, knowing that the employer is being proactive by investing in other cleaning techniques as a preventative measure?

Would you feel more comfortable knowing that the team members providing the sanitized services are well equipped safeguarding themselves and protecting your employees and customers?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, call H & L Environmental Services today to reserve your service at 452-0594 or 384-7868.

Do not put your people to the test. Let H&L do the rest!

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