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Housekeeping and Mould

HOUSEKEEPING refers to day-to-day cleanliness, tidiness and good order in all parts of the office or home. Good housekeeping provides a clean and pleasant working and living environment. It also helps prevent accidents in the workplace and aids the efficient operation of the office and home.

Good housekeeping can usually be achieved by routine cleaning of the premises, dust abatement practices, proper storage of materials, and periodic disposal of rubbish, regular maintenance of facilities and full staff and family co-operation.

One of the effects of poor housekeeping is the buildup of the silent killer - Mould.

Effective housekeeping practices to enjoy a healthy, mould free environment in and around the home and office.

  1. Conduct basic moisture assessments, especially for relative humidity levels within the space.

  2. Ensure that leaks, seepage and any other form of water intrusion are identified.

  3. Ensure that the indoor space is dry after cleaning.

  4. Avoid flooding and if it happens ensure that the place is dried thoroughly.

  5. Prevent dust buildup by cleaning regularly – even hard to reach spaces.

  6. Deploy dust mitigation protocols to prevent spread and aerosolization.

  7. Identify mold issues early and refer to a Certified Mould Professional, to prevent the spread.

BEAT The Mold. Develop good and consistent housekeeping habits.

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