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What is Mold Remediation?

Mold remediation can be defined as a process of removing mold contamination from a space, consistent with the IICRC S520 Standards. These standards primarily focuses on three aspects; control, removal and the prevention of mold.

  • Control, by assessing the conditions encouraging mold growth, largely, the source of moisture.

  • Removal, by physically, where possible, removing the source of mold growth, settled and also aerosolized spores.

  • And Prevention, by correcting the moisture issue.

All of these aspects are guided with the safety and health of both workers and occupants in mind.

We tend to have the perception that dealing with mold is simply about apply antimicrobial agents, or just cleaning with bleach or vinegar. What we need to understand is that mold spores can be easily aerosolized, by direct spraying, wiping, or even moving, which means we can easily spread mold spores, causing more harm than good.

H&L Environmental Services Ltd is the only IICRC Certified Firm in the Caribbean that is capable of dealing with mold under any circumstance, and guarantees that if we undergo mold remediation, and our recommendations are adhered to, that your mold issue will be corrected and wont reoccur.

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