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What Sets our Janitorial Service Apart

Over the past 5 years of operation, H&L Environmental Services Ltd has identified and categorized the issues with current housekeeping procedures in a number of commercial and residential properties. We have obtained a number of certifications and use a scientific approach when practicing these procedures. Research has shown that poor housekeeping plays an integral role in poor indoor air quality.

These poor housekeeping methods lead to the following issues:

  1. Dust accumulation results in an increase in pollutants: mould, pollen, dust mites, pet allergens, bacteria etc.

    1. These allergens impact negatively on both the upper and lower respiratory tract. Symptoms of which include asthma, sinusitis, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes etc.

  2. The mixture of ammonia based compounds (quaternary ammonium based compounds) and chlorine (Bleach) results in the production of ammonium chlorine which is a toxic gas.

    1. Toxic gas symptoms include: respiratory tract irritation such as burning nose, itchy skin, burning and runny eyes etc.

  3. Cross contamination of bacteria, viruses and mould results in the need for expensive remediation exercises.

    1. Symptoms include; itchy skin, rash, other issues related specifically to contact with pathogenic microorganisms

  4. Use of excess water without proper drying techniques can lead to increasing mould and bacterial growth.

  5. The use of scented disinfectants to mask issues rather than preventing issues.

How are we improved:

  1. Dust abatement techniques: reduces dust accumulation even in hard to reach places.

  2. Eco-friendly: Use of certified green cleaning products to prevent toxic gas increases and to ensure a safe non-toxic work environment.

  3. Certified procedures to prevent cross contamination and growth of microorganism like mould, bacteria and viruses

  4. Continual training to ensure that certified procedures are followed satisfactorily

    1. Knowledge and training of proper use and mixing of cleaning products

  5. Knowledge of improving indoor air quality through verified cleaning methodologies

  6. Trust worthy staff members

  7. Only cleaning company certified by two international organizations (IICRC and IJCSA) for commercial cleaning: IICRC Certified Firm number: 56622712; IJCSA Member ID: 56310125

  8. Quality assurance: On-site quality control checks for cleaning verification

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