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Our establishment was founded in December 2015. H&L’s competent team of certified experts resolve indoor air quality issues, especially relating to mold infestations. Homes, offices, schools and commercial spaces have been experiencing recurring indoor air quality issues resulting in high absenteeism and loss of productivity due to the health impacts on building occupants.

H&L Environmental Services Ltd is the ONLY internationally certified company in applied microbial remediation, odor control and fire and smoke remediation in the Caribbean. These qualifications backed by over 4 years in the industry with a plethora of successful projects from across the region makes us the ONLY option for tackling stubborn mold issues.

Our indoor air quality department coupled with an AIHA proficient laboratory in mold identification have identified and resolved indoor air quality issues in a number of Caribbean territories. With over 10 years’ experience our certified experts are available to serve you.

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