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Our establishment was founded in December, 2015 and we have certified expertise and the equipment relevant in dealing with mold remediation. We are aware of many organizations with mold issues that has ‘allegedly’ been dealt with, but the mold problems keep recurring. With our expertise, we are capable of carrying out thorough inspections in determining the cause of the mold problems and other issues that lead to poor indoor air quality. A detailed report of our inspection will follow outlining the data collected, findings, remediation costing, timeline, remediation procedures and pre-remediation recommendations.

Mold remediation does not have to only do with scraping of walls, using antifungal sprays and repainting, but with the removal of mold spores on all items and within the air. H&L Environmental Services prides itself in creating a safer environment to its clients. This would mean that under our internationally recognized certification attained, our client’s situation will be dealt with professionally. The remediation protocols adopted are guaranteed to remove mold spores within our client’s environment. All precautions will be taken to protect the safety of our staff members and our clients.

We are certified in mold identification, odor control, fire and smoke remediation, water restoration and applied microbial remediation. These certifications are backed by 6 years experience in indoor quality assessments.

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