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Deep Cleaning

Our experience and training in mold remediation, has given us the ability to integrate some of the remediation protocols into deep cleaning. Our aim is to reduce particulate matter, and to disinfect surfaces and the air column. 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, our protocols and the use of EPA approved Emerging Viral Pathogens Claim products, targets all suspended and settled viruses and bacteria.  

Please Note that Deep Cleaning is NOT a solution for Mold. Mold Remediation is necessary to resolve Mold issues.

Our deep cleaning service includes but is not limited to:

HEPA Vacuuming

High Efficiency Particulate Air filtered vacuuming to remove and capture harmful particles, such as; dust mites, pollen, pet dander and tobacco smoke.       

Dust and Particulate Matter Suppression

Dust and particulate matter frequents the air column, therefore management of such is critical to any cleaning project.                                          

Cleansing of Surfaces

This includes the cleaning of all surfaces from ceiling to floor. This is critical for ensuring  that the indoor environment is clean.                                             


No place being cleaned should be left wet. A moist environment is a catalyst for microbial growth.  Therefore, we ensure that the environment is completely dried upon completion.              


Germs can be in the form of viruses and bacteria. Our cleaning focuses on disinfecting surfaces and the air column.                                    

Air Cleaning

Commercial grade HEPA filtered air cleaning equipment would be used, based on calculation, to ensure a reduction in particulate matter within the air column.                 

Upholstery Cleaning

This service focuses on sanitizing and rejuvenating upholstered furniture.                

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