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Certified and Experienced

From 2015 we have built this company with the vision of resolving indoor air quality issues around the Caribbean. We stayed true to this commitment, attaining certification of the highest level from internationally certified bodies. The hands on training that was undertaken in California, USA, gave us an advantage in remedying all microbial (including mold and sewage) issues. We also gained certification in:

  • Water restoration, which deals with floods, water damage and sewage backflow.

  • Odor control, which irradicates biological sources such as decomposition, urine contamination, mold, combustion sources such as fire and smoke damage, and chemical sources such as fuel oil spills or volatile organic chemicals.

  • Fire and Smoke, where we are able to clean and deodorize residential or commercial fire and smoke damage projects.

The experience within the Caribbean context have granted us this opportunity to be the leading company to resolving mold issues. Our work quality has led us to conduct successful mold remediation projects in Dominica as well as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The team that was build brought forth a wealth of knowledge and expertise from a:

  1. Microbiological stand point and an

  2. Industrial Hygienist stand point.

Therefore, our tagline "We understand the science of cleaning", is without exaggeration. We are not just certified, we are trained, and have the expertise to undergo all types of microbial cleaning, including sewage spill offs.

There are a few ways to know who you are hiring for mold remediation exercise. Some of them are mentioned in our previous blogs; What is Mold Remediation

and What Remediation is Not. Another way is to go to the IICRC global locator and run a search for a certified firm in your area. There you will find the closest expert and the services they are certified to offer.

The maintenance of these certifications are important to any firm. That is why being part of the IICRC, certified individuals and the certified firm must maintain Continuing Education Certification credits, where ongoing training, and edification have to be accomplished. We are proud holders of such and we continue to ensure that the services we provide are held up to standard, without compromise.

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