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H&L Environmental Services Ltd. testing laboratory has now achieved “PROFECIENCY” status under the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s (AIHA) EMPAT programme for direct fungal spore identification. The success with EMPAT, which stands for Environmental Microbiological Proficiency Analytical Testing, brings our laboratory one step closer on the journey to achieving ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accreditation.

What does being proficient mean?: this means that our laboratory and analysts have successfully completed three successive rounds of extensive testing provided by AIHA’s EMPAT programme. This milestone makes our laboratory, the only one in the region to attain such a status.

The EMPAT Program is a performance evaluation program for environmental microbiology laboratories, which specializes in analysis for microorganisms commonly detected in air, fluids and bulk samples collected from indoor environments. This program is targeted towards participants analyzing fungal spores by light microscopy and enables participants, to establish proficiency and improve performance in the microscopic analysis of environmental samples.

H&L Environmental Services Ltd. is an indoor air quality company whose aim is to improve the quality of the indoor environment. The company was formed in 2015 and is qualified and experienced in conducing Indoor Air Quality Assessments, Mold testing and identification. H&L Environmental Services is also the only company with personnel certified in Microbial (mold) Remediation, Water Restoration, Fire and Smoke Remediation, and Odor Control.

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